Professional Arboriculture. We Tree Care.

Our primary focus is on SUSTAINABILITY, with our clients and the environment they set root in. We specialize in tree-centered operations and abide by all American National Standards Institute (ANSI) related statutes. We pride ourselves in our work, everything related to, including but not limited to: consulting, inventory, appraisal, risk-assessment, plant selection and customer education, planting, Plant Health Care treatments, On-Rope climbing arborists, no-access sites, sensitive-site precautions, tree-preservation zoning, young-tree fruit-tree structural vista right-of-way structure-clearance pruning, hazard mitigation, cabling (dynamic and static) and bracing, lightning protection, technical/surgical dismantling, crane assisted arboriculture, stump-grinding and site restoration, silviculture, Oak Savanna restoration, vibratory-plowing and clean-root-cutting, timber management and harvesting.

  • Meeting every project with enthusiasm and respect.
  • Expert advice ensuring solid and unmistakable communication between intentions and action.
  • No trade secrets, covert estimates or unwanted services.
  • Focus on long term health of the tree and professional relationships.
  • Safety, Productivity and Quality are paramount.
  • Pruning with a purpose and moral obligation.
  • Removing even the most hazardous with care and consideration for surroundings.
  • Contract Climbing.
  • Hourly Projects/ Budget Prioritization.
  • Chainsaw/Climbing Training.
  • Invasive Species Removal.
  • ‘Alaskan Mill’ or chainsaw milling services
  • Swing installation (who doesn’t love tree swings)

We offer highly competitive prices for quality arboriculture. 

 Free consultations are given to provide the lowest possible cost for the most possible services. 

 We offer discounts* to: 

‘Honor the Elderly’ (senior citizens)

‘Good Neighbor’ (military, police, firefighters, nurses, EMT, teachers)

‘Bulk Rate’ on one-owner multi-property projects.

‘Local Favorite’ discounted mobilization cost for close proximity properties scheduled at the same time.

‘Housewarming’ Discount for clients with recently purchased properties.

  *Price after discount must meet or exceed minimum project price. Discount must be requested prior to consultation. Only one discount per project.

 Please consider this when deciding if our skill set is worth the asking rate:

 We are ranked number 1 most dangerous job. This is for good reason. 

 Our industry requires knowledge across a vast array of study with rigorous physical demands, unpredictable elements such as insects, animals, electricity, the power of physics and the inherent unforgiving nature of it. Every move is calculated and highly intentional as it could be our last.

 Our gear is rated for life support, is highly specialized and is always expensive.

 We are diagnosing, prescribing, treating and operating on living breathing organisms that are always evolving.

 We understand intrinsic values of the luxurious artistic nature and of the basic utilitarian fundamental needs.

 We are scientist, athlete, sculptor, student and educator. 

 We are licensed and insured.

 We are passionate about what we do and truly enjoy helping.

 We value relationships and intend to be your only arborist.

Travis Rassett ISA Certified Arborist MN-4430A 651.303.9997
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