Why the name?

I’m sure ya’ll are wondering why “Mortal Farms?” Well the truth is we moved to our forever home 3 years ago and have seriously been struggling on what to name our “Homestead.” We tried to go the local route of choosing a name to “FIT IN” like Ten Mile Creek, as we live on said Creek AKA The Upper Willow River which led us to. Willow River Homestead our daughter is named Willow River after a local State Park in Hudson Wisconsin. Or do we go with St. Croix something or other, there are so many St. Croix this & St. Croix that here already! Why not?! We live in a beautiful county however none of these names quite fit us. I guess we were trying to go a different route which led us to. Infinity Farms, us being a family of eight would have made so since right! However this name was taken a million times over. Wildflower Acres, which I LOVED but same issue already taken. Well back to the Mortal Farms, when we first moved into our 100 year old farm house we found busted up headstones all over the woods that we are still finding to this day. We have about 3 full headstones dating back to the 1800s, crazy right!? We also live catty-corner from a cemetery, I mean we can literally see it from our front porch. Later on we found out a previous owner used to be the care taker of the cemetery. Which led us to MORTAL FARMS! I’ve always liked the name however I was a little skeptical about putting it “out there” but Mortal Farms is uniquely us!

One of many headstones we’ve found
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